They seem to have become the most popular instrument in the world right now.

We stock a varied range of Ukulele's, from beginner to professional level

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Bohemian Motor Oilcan

Electric Ukulele, Currently available in Surf Wax Yellow & ...


Flight Amara Concert

Comes with Gig Bag


Flight Guitalele

Comes with Gig Bag


Flight Mahogany Soprano

Comes with Gig Bag


Flight Spalted/Zebra Soprano

Comes with Gig Bag


Flight Tenor

Comes with Gig Bag


Iberica Soprano

Made in Portugal


Kapua Soprano (Mixed Colours)

Colours currently available - Natural, Pink and Yellow


Mahalo Smiley Face Soprano (Mized Colours)

Currently available in Red, Yellow, Pink, Light Blue and ...


Makala Dolphin - Mixed Colours

Currently Available in Green, Purple, Red, Yellow, Black, ...


Ozark 2035


Ozark 2037


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